Best Gynecologist in Kolkata, India - Obstetrician & Gynaecology in Kolkata

Are you trying to find the best gynaecologist in Kolkata near me? When it comes to finding the best gynaecologist in Kolkata, India, there is one name that consistently rises to the top of the list. Dr. Debalina Brahma is a highly esteemed professional in her field, known for her exceptional expertise and dedication to women’s health. With a wealth of experience and training from India’s premier hospital, Dr Debalina Brahma has garnered national recognition and awards for her outstanding contributions to gynaecology and laparoscopic surgery.

But it doesn’t stop there. Her commitment to utilizing the latest techniques and technologies and her compassionate patient care have earned her a reputation that precedes her.

If you’re seeking the best gynaecologist in Kolkata, Dr. Debalina Brahma is the trusted choice.
Dr. Debalina Brahma is the best gynecologist in Kolkata and she was awarded the best OB-gyn of the year award (2024, ICON). She is among one of the top 5 gynaecologist in Kolkata, West Bengal. Around 50,000 gratified patie­nts validate this accomplishment. She’s known for he­r expertise as a gyne­cologist, obstetrician, infertility consultant, and gynecological laparoscopic surge­on. Dr. Brahma provides an extraordinary level of care, marking her as an exce­ptional practitioner in women’s health.

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